Used Car Mileage Adjustment Calculator


If you are thinking of buying a vehicle and would like to correct the used car trade in Price for mileage, then input the required information as below.


Registration Year         

Clocked Mileage of Vehicle         

Expected Average Mileage        

Cost of Vehicle with Avg Mileage         

Adj Factor (per 1000 Miles)         



Mileage Adjusted Value of Vehicle           

Most used car price guides /blue book values quote car prices based on an average mileage e.g. 10,000 miles per year. For cars that have a mileage that falls significantly away from the average  - then a used car trade in value mileage adjustment should be applied.

For example, a four-year-old car might be expected to have about 40,000 miles on the clock. If the actual mileage is 58 000 miles then the asking price/trade in value will need to be reduced accordingly. Used car trade in value guides generally offer a mileage adjusted trade in value table.