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Classic Car Storage And Preparation
By following a few simple car storage guidelines you can ensure that your vehicle is safeguarded whilst not in use. Specific measures to be taken largely depend on the period of time that your car will be out of service. Generally speaking, the longer the car will be off the road, the longer the list of preparations.

Short Term:

* Chock the wheels and ensure the handbrake is not engaged.
* Check the antifreeze concentration in the cooling system and replace it if over 12 months old.
* Open the windows slightly if the vehicle is garaged.
* Spray unprotected metal parts with a water repellent to discourage corrosion.
* Make a note of any radio code before disconnecting the battery
* If covering your vehicle, avoid using materials, such as plastic which may encourage condensation to collect.
* If possible have someone run your car once or twice a month in dry conditions.
* Before re-starting your car, recharge the battery and top up all fluid levels as necessary.

Mid Term:
As well as considering the initial checklist, the following are recommended for mid term storage.
* Disconnect and remove the battery.
* Wash the car, clean under the wheel arches
* Ensure that the wiper blades do not come into contact with the windscreen.
* Consider altering your insurance policy to reflect the conditions and usage over the period it will be stored.
* Check out any off-road registration requirements particular to your jurisdiction. e.g. For UK drivers, a SORN (Statutory Off-Road Notification.)

Long Term:
There are further precautions to take when storing a vehicle for periods of three months or longer.
* Have your vehicle serviced.
* Spray the locks with a lubricating oil.
* Relax the auxcillary drive belt (do not relax the drive/cam belt).
* Ensure that the vehicle is raised clear of the ground (using blocks) to relieve pressure on the tyres. Alternatively, store the wheels horizontally in a garage or other suitably secure place.
* Install a dehumidifier into the garage.

Detailed advice should be sought from professional vehicle storage companies.