Ram Air Hood Scoop Calculator

NACA Ducts may be used in the motorsport industry as a means of providing efficient air flow to the engine. If a hood scoop is postioned correctly, away from significantly disturbed airflow, an estimate of the pressure rise may be calculated by inputting the vehicle speed as below in Mph.

NACA Duct Formula
Pa          = Atmospheric Air Pressure

Density  = Air Density

Speed    = Vehicle Speed (mph)
  Speed Mph
 Pressure Increase (psi)
 Percent Increase (%)

The above NACA Duct atmospheric air pressure conditions are taken at International Standard Atmosphere i.e. (ISA, 15 Deg C, 1.01325 Bar).

The NACA Duct pressure increase needs to be corrected for significantly hotter or cooler air temperature conditions.

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