VIN Year Chart - How do I Know What Year My Car Is?
The VIN Year Code of a vehicle is located at position no 10. The letters U and Z and the numerical digit 0 are not used for VIN year charts.

          VIN Year Chart Codes

The year 1980 has been encoded by some manufacturers, such as General Motors and Chrysler, as "A". However, some car manufacturers such as Ford and AMC still used a zero for 1980.

Subsequent years increment through the allowed letters, so that "Y" represents the year 2000. 2001 through 2009 are encoded as the integer numbers 1 to 9, and subsequent years are encoded as "A", "B", "C".

The VIN Year Code, can be the calendar year in which a vehicle was built, or a model, type or an abitrary year allocated by the manufacturer.