What is a VIN Number?
Why Alter a Vehicle Identification Tag?

A stolen car may have its history changed via the Vehicle Descriptor (VDS) and or the Vehicle Identifier (VIS). Illegal alterations are done to: i) make the vehicle appear to have a higher market value, and ii) to conceal true ownership of the auto.

If you notice anything unusual, such as scratch marks on the VIN number, a worn VIN sticker, or a loose VIN plate then assume the worst. All VIN's markings attached to a car must match the Vehicle Identification Number on the registration document.

Private Number Plates

Vehicles that have private number plates issued should have a VIN check carried out, as an attempt may have been made to hide the vehicle's true history. It is relatively easy to change a car's registration/number plate.

VIN Number Meaning

A VIN Number Check can be done to reveal information about an auto. This includes, the country of origin, the manufacturer and the model type. Motor insurance companies may run a free check to ascertain whether the car has been stolen or written off.

Detailed VIN reports can be obtained online. These reports may include registration changes, flood damage, Manufacturer Re-calls, car warranty claims, and accident information.

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