Chevrolet VIN Number Lookup

The alphanumeric VIN Number on Chevrolet vehicles can be observed through the front windscreen to the right of the kerbside windshield wiper.
Chevrolet VIN Number

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2012, WMI+VDS: 1GNKREED3, Chevrolet Traverse LS (FWD),
2005, WMI+VDS: 1GCEC14ZX, Two Door Cab Silverado Sierra Canyon SSR Colorado,

VIN Position 1-2-3 World Manufacturer Identifier, e.g. '1G1'

Chars 4 and 5  - Chevy Model Line, e.g. 'YY' = Corvette

Position 8 - Engine Type, e.g. 'A' =  4.6 L V8 SFI

Position 9 - Vehicle Check Digit - Check Digit

Position 10 - Chevrolet Model Year - VIN Year Codes

Position 11 - Assembly Plant, e.g. F = Fairfax

Numbers 12-13-14-15-16-17 - Unique Vehicle Serial Number

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