What is a GPS Tracking System?
For the security-minded motorist with a high risk car, or who may being looking at reducing the cost of car insurance, a GPS (Global Positioning System) vehicle tracking system is worth considering. These electronic devices are fitted in a vehicle and allow the vehicle's location to be tracked.

The advantage of having a vehicle with a GPS vehicle tracking device is that is works as a deterant for theft and enables early retrieval by providing an accurate location of the vehicle. By following the signal from a GPS vehicle tracking systems, stolen vehicles can be swiftly recovered by police. Some systems have a feature whereby an alert to a phone or e-mail can be sent if the car alarm is activated.

Whilst some providers charge a one-off fee for installation and life-of-the-vehicle use of their GPS system, others charge the motorist a monthly renewable fee. The latter option might appeal to drivers who like to change their car every few years.

Most car insurance companies offer reductions in car insurance premiums for vehicles fitted with GPS vehicle tracking devices because of the significantly lower risks involved in covering them.

Note: Soft or drop top vehicles, may be categorized as high risk for theft, and car insurance companies may only offer insurance cover conditional upon a tracking system being fitted.