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VIN Number Check
For vehicles registered after the year 1980, enter your 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number into the VIN input boxes.
Check Digit
World Region
Serial Number
WMI - Characters 1 to 3 of a VIN code represent the World Manufacturer Identifier. If for example the first three digits are '1GB' this indicates that the car was manufactured by Chevrolet.

VDS - Characters 4 to 9 represent the Vehicle Descriptor Section.

VIS  - Digits 10 to 17 represent the Vehicle Identifier Section.

NOTE: - Special symbols ~, spaces and the following characters are not allowed I, O and Q.

Most Searched Vehicle Identification: Chevrolet, Jaguar, General Motors, Ford F150

The Check Digit identifier is located at pos no 9 and is used to verify that a VIN has not been tampered.