Winter Car Care
Winter weather can be damaging to your car's condition and running ability. The damp, wet and cold can impact the performance of your vehicle in a number of ways.

In order to reduce the risk of a roadside breakdown it is important to keep your vehicle serviced according to the manufacturer's specifictions and interval.

The battery can be especially vulnerable. This is because the power drained through the use of headlights, heaters and windscreen de-misters may not necessarily be replaced by the charging system on short journeys.

It is always a good idea to switch on your engine before turning on electrics, such as heaters and lights, to avoid battery drain.
Check and if necessary clean the battery terminals. These should be corrosion free and the connections tight. Cover the terminals with a cream, such as petroleum jelly, to provide a protective seal.

Check the oil and water levels and in particular, the concentration of antifreeze in the system. The additives in antifreeze prevent corrosion and freezing of the cooling system.

Get any cracks or chips on your windscreen repaired and check all wiper blades for signs of wear. As they will get a lot of use over the winter months.

Make sure your screen wash reservoir is topped up and regularly clean your screen. Only use propper vehicle screen wash additives, as the screenwash filter may become blocked.

Correct tyre pressures and adequate tread depth are essential for safe winter driving. A deeper tyre tread ensures better grip in snow and sludge, and will travel over wet surfaces more efficiently.

Emergency Equipment - Check that your spare tyre is fit for purpose, and that your tool kit is handy and your jack functional. Other items on your list of things to take might include: