Why Do People Steal Cars?

How To Improve On Car Security

Why Do People Steal Cars? Answer: Because of opportunistic theft, and syndicated car cloning. The next obvious question should be what can I do to help prevent car theft?
Aside from providing peace of mind, beefing up on car security can save you money on your Car Insurance.
Most modern cars have built-in immobilizers. In fact, car insurance companies place great store in these devices. Additionally, an engine cut-off switch can be installed in a not too obvious place. Any would-be car thief would have to find it first in order to be able to drive off with your motor.

Steering locks are also a possibility. These devices typically fit over the steering wheel to prevent it from being turned. Others hook under the clutch/break pedal and over the steering wheel to prevent both the wheel turning and the clutch being depressed.
The downside with these devices is that a determined thief can remove them with a hacksaw or even break the steering wheel. However, it will certainly have an impact on opportunistic theft.

Steering locks and cut-off switches are useful options for those motorists driving older makes of cars which may not have conventional built-in car alarms. If your vehicle does not have a car alarm fitted, it will likely be to your benefit financially to have one installed. Not only will you be helping safeguard your car against theft, your car insurance premiums may be reduced to reflect this upgrade.
If you have a high risk car, a GPS (Global Positioning System) vehicle tracking system is worth considering. These electronic devices are fitted in a vehicle and allow its location to be tracked. Most car insurance companies offer reductions on car insurance premiums for vehicles fitted with GPS vehicle tracking devices (such as LoJack) because of the significantly lower risks involved in covering them.
At home there are extra security measures that can be taken, though some of them come with financial or practical downsides.

Parking your car in your garage is a good idea and an option favourably looked on by car insurers, who may offer you a reduction in premium. If garaging your car is not an option, you could add gates at the end of your drive.

Removable or folding security posts at the end of your drive are another possibility. Finally, installing movement sensing lights, which illuminate your driveway, can also be an effective deterrant.

Remember not to leave valuables in your car (especially remember not to leave in your vehicle registration documents). Out of sight is definitely out of mind when it comes to those who break into cars to get their hands on your goods. Even bags and containers, such as cardboard boxes, which may be empty or contain items of little or no value, left in view can entice people on the look out for easy pickings to take a closer look, breaking into and damaging your car in the process.

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