Engine Displacement Formula

The displacement of an engine represents the total volume of all cylinders swept by each piston moving from Top Dead Centre (TDC) to Bottom Dead Centre (BDC). Engine displacement is normally specified in Cubic Centimeters (CC) or Cubic Inches (Cid).
  Engine Displacement Formula

   Bore    = Diameter of Cylinder
   Stroke  = Distance of Piston Travel
                  (TDC to BDC)

No of Cylinders

Here's a Worked Example:

 An engine has the following parameters:

 Bore             = 4.0 Inches
 Stroke           = 3.5 Inches
 No Cylinders = 8
 Displacement  = (PI/4) * 4.0 * 4.0 * 3.5 * 8
                       = 351.858 Cubic Inches                           

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