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What Types of Car Can Be Found At Auction?
There are some great used car bargains to be found at auction, providing you follow some straightforward guidelines. Read on for some practical advice.
Most cars at auction come from main dealers, fleet companies, or are finance company reposessions. Private cars account for only a small proportion of the total car auction sales.

Fleet Cars: Ex-fleet models tend to be the safest bet when buying at auction. While they may have above average mileage, they normally come with a full service history and have been maintained according to the service schedule. You could pick up a reliable 3-yr-old car at auction and make massive savings on forecourt prices.
Car Finance Reposessions: The potential downside of buying reposession vehicles at auction is the possibility of the cars having been trashed by owners who never had any intention of making repayments. On the other hand, sound buys can come out of bona fide reposessions which have resulted from things like unemployment.

Dealer Cars: Be cautious about auction vehicles coming direct from a dealer. You might ask yourself why the dealer hasn’t sold it themselves. Generally these cars require the sort of repairs that wipe out potential profit margins and so they get shunted off to auction.

Privately Owned Cars: Proceed with caution if a private car catches your eye. Many traders won’t even consider them, and perhaps you should follow their lead for some very good reasons. Many privately owned cars go to auction when the owners have been unable to sell themselves, or when they find themselves in financial difficulties. Aside from this, many a time private sellers auction off their vehicles when they are unwilling to pay high repair bills to bring their car back up to scratch.