Vehicle Identification Number Check
A VIN Number, is a 17 digit code that can be used to uniquely identify a road going vehicle.

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How to Decode a Vehicle Identification Number

A car VIN number can be broken down into three groups of characters :  (WMI: 1 to 3), (VDS: 4 to 9) and (VIS: 10 to 17).

The first group of three characters represents the World Manufacturer Identifier. For example, WMI = '1G1', represents a vehicle that was made in the USA and is a Chevrolet.

The second group of alphanumeric characters (4 to 9) represent the Vehicle Descriptor Section. The VDS, Check Digit value is used to verify that a VIN number has not been illegally altered and is located at index no 9.

The final/third series of numbers  (10 to 17) represent the unique Vehicle Identifier Section. The VIS includes the indicated Year of Manufacture.

Why Get a Car VIN Check?

The VIN Number on a car may be altered to hide the fact that it may have been stolen. Stolen autos may have their VIN changed via the VDS and or VIS to make the car appear to be newer, or to have a higher spec.

The VIS may also be changed to hide the manufacturer's serial number.